A healthy environment forms the core of our operations

Espoo Catering is a responsible food service company. One of our main goals is reducing our carbon footprint and food waste.

We are participating in the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development challenge. We want to increase awareness and the consumption and enjoyment of vegetarian food in schools. Through the ongoing Papuposset vegetarian food competition, we inspire young people to develop and share vegetarian recipes.

In the Steps to Organic programme, our lunch restaurants have achieved Step 3 by offering organic bread, organic sour milk and organic milk. At day-care centre meals and care meals, we serve organic porridge and organic sour milk. At school meals, we offer organic sour milk and organic barley porridge.

The daily product selection at our lunch restaurants features many Fairtrade products, such as Fairtrade coffee and tea, bananas, juices, cocoa, chocolate and sugar.