Espoo Catering is committed to supporting the use of vegetables in accordance with the recommendations

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2018-01-19 13:17

Espoo Catering is taking part in the national Commitment 2050 operating model for sustainable development with three nutrition commitments. The goal of the nutrition commitment is to ensure that everyone can easily enjoy meals that meet the nutritional recommendations in Finland in 2020.

Espoo Catering’s nutrition commitments

1. Espoo Catering offers schoolchildren a vegetarian day every week

We have increased our offering of vegetarian meals for schoolchildren. Previously, we offered vegetarian meals to everyone four times in five weeks, but now our menu includes a vegetarian day every week. Instead of the earlier single option, there are now two vegetarian meal options to choose from.

2. Espoo Catering supports food education at day-care centres with taster packages

We offer various product packages that can be ordered by day-care centres to implement the Sapere food education method. The packages include whole fruits, vegetables, root vegetables, etc. The taster packages support food education at day-care centres by familiarising children with various food items.

3. New vegetarian recipes designed for school menus by pupils

Each year, we organise the Papuposset vegetarian food competition for 9th graders studying home economics. The pupils get to design full meals also suitable for school lunches. Some of the meals proposed in the competition will be served at schools during vegetarian days. The competition is part of the City of Espoo’s sustainable development story, carried out as a joint effort between the city and Espoo Catering.

Nutrition commitment

Commitment 2050