Lunch packages will replace snack bags in the City of Espoo

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2020-04-17 16:14

The distribution of lunch packages to pupils in pre-primary and basic education will end on 6th of May. From the 29th of April lunch packages were distributed once a week to preschool children, pupils in comprehensive schools and students in upper secondary education. 

For the upper secondary school students the distribution will continue until the end of the semester. The packages will be shared on Wednesdays between 13:30 - 14:30´clock for upper secondary school students. 

About lunch packages

The guardians of the preschool children or pupils in comprehensive schools or the student in the upper secondary school themselves can choose the lunch package between two alternatives. They also choose the pick-up location from 62 different alternatives.  

The lunch distribution was improved based on the feed-back from the guardians and keeping the safety of the pick-ups in mind.  The longer time for pick-ups, many pick-up locations and the distribution once a week will diminish the risk for contagions. The possibility to get the lunches for the whole week at one time will hopefully make the daily life of the families easier.  

The children who go to preschool or comprehensive school daily will eat their lunch at preschool or school as before.

The weekly lunch package is planned for one child and it contains ready, heatable meals for the week´s school days, milk, vegetables and/or fruit, crisp bread and margarine for one week. The contents of the package will vary from week to week. Two alternative lunch packages will be offered:  mixed diet and vegetarian alternatives.  All lunch packages are lactose free.  

Questions and answers about snack bags and school meals in this exceptional situation 

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