Meals at day-care centres

Tasty food supports children’s well-being


Day-care centre meals supplement home meals and cater for a significant part of the child’s daily nutritional needs. The goal of the meals is to support the child’s growth and development. A balanced and tasty meal maintains the child’s energy level throughout the day and helps the child form healthy eating habits.

The day-care centre meals of Espoo Catering are balanced and full meals that meet the nutritional recommendations. We prepare the meals with pure, safe and high-quality ingredients and with consideration of children’s food preferences. We serve organic porridge at breakfast.

For children in full-time day care, we serve breakfast, lunch and a snack; children in part-time day care are served lunch, and children in evening or night day care are served dinner and an evening snack.

Special diets can be served for health or ethical reasons. Every day, we provide vegetarians with vegetarian meals that include egg and dairy products in addition to vegetarian products.

Notification of a special diet (pdf, 1112 Kt)

Supplement to the notification of a special diet for those allergic to nuts and almonds