Meals at schools

Balanced meals to schoolchildren’s taste


The lunch break is the highlight of the day for children and young people, interrupting their hard work and providing joy and energy for the afternoon lessons.

School meals account for one-third of pupils’ daily nutritional needs. The school lunches of Espoo Catering are diverse, full of variety and nutritionally well-balanced – and also provide culinary experiences. All meals are served with a hot main course and side dishes, beverages, bread and spread. A model meal helps put together a well-rounded meal. You can take the desired amount of food and take seconds as needed.

We offer special diets for health or ethical reasons. Vegetarians are served lacto–ovo vegetarian food that includes egg and dairy products in addition to the vegetarian ingredients.

Notification of a special diet (pdf, 1511 Kt)

In menu planning, we listen to the wishes of the pupils, which we receive, for example, through the food panels operating in many schools.

We also sell snacks at several schools.